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The Story Behind The Brand

The She Shed By Liz & Ann and owned by Ashley Drake, was created in 2018 as an online boutique in the heart of Chicago, better known as the "Windy City". Ashley defines The She Shed as a chic space designed for fashionable women that provides solitude and peace while stimulating a creative sense of style. As for Ashley, many business ideas, trendy styles, spiritual readings, and maybe even a few naps (LOL) took place in her very own private space...the closet within her She Shed. The online boutique offers a full line of women's clothing, accessories, and Ashley's own private labels.

So, Who In The Hell Is Liz?

Antonia Elizabeth "Liz" Drake, better known as "T-Top" and mother to Ashley's husband Jason, was one of the most loving, caring, and fashion-forward women of her time. Liz's style and a great sense of humor were also influential on her children Jeniece and Jason. Liz loved fashion so much, that she would shop in the air-conditioned malls from sunup to sundown every summer until her husband dropped money on a central air system in their Chicago Bungalow, (especially because the tab was on him). What a great sense of humor she had (LOL). It was in those moments in an air-conditioned store within the Evergreen Plaza, that Liz's style and taste allowed her children to develop their own sense of style and creativity. A style that's not restricted to a particular time or date, would sum up Liz's contribution to fashion and The She Shed that includes her (Liz & Ann). Liz's love, affection, and timeless style will never be forgotten.

Okay...So We Know Liz, Who is Ann?

Traci "Ann" Broadnax, better known as "Hollywood" to her friends, is the fabulous mother to Ashley. Ann has never missed a beat when it comes to her fashion sense. Ann's style is sophisticated and chic, making her a staple in creating The She Shed By Liz & Ann. Growing up, Ashley would be inspired by her mother's sense of style and class. Ann had the ability to look at any garment once, and find the perfect shoe to complete the look. Ann has not only taught Ashley about color, texture and pattern coordination, but she also taught her everything there was to learn about self-respect, how a woman should carry herself, and embodying one's style and grace. Ashley's sophisticated style and versatility soon allowed her to blossom into the woman she is today, and she owes it all to her the "Hollywood Fashionista", her mother.